Feb 25 16 5:40 AM

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I, don't know about you, but I keep thinking back to psychiatry no matter what, because of my situation. However, are you not?  Do you want to think of other stuff? I do. Have you been recently bombarded with information on psychiatry? Perhaps you, or someone you care about is going through a rough time, and you're having trouble getting someone to talk, to with ought psychiatric labels or medication coming up? Maybe you don't see something as a huge deal, but others have thrown these things around. Regardless there are similar stories out there, of people with similar situations of other people with similar situations. If you are hearing horror stories, and of gloomy futures there are also a wide range of stories including great success stories. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities, and nobody can Tell you they can predict your future. In fact, plenty of people would've do great things without the qualities some would suggest medication for. If you or someone you care about is being told it's the only option wait a minute. If a teacher is sating your kid needs to be on something, wait a minute. It's a lot easier to look at all possiblities than it will be ounce there are doctors, and medication involved. For now, you can just process what's happening, and decide where to go from there. That's it for now. Would be interesting to compare similar stories of people who woud be medicated, but weren't to give to people. Think of how it's good to be yourself, or know the person you care about.

If you are in the mental health system, then how are you still yourself? Regardless of weather you want to stay, or not. You may be feeling like that's all your conversations revolve around. Although you still may like to think, and talk about things without this lense. Weather it's good, bad, or anywhere inbetween, it's fine.