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I've heard people say why Antipsychiatry, and feel as though people are being to negative towards it. I've never really experienced something positive, as the result of it. At least nothing that's really worth defending it. Not to say I haven't met nice people, who seem like they have good intentions. I haven't seen anything that would compel me to jump behind any reforming movement. While in a way, I think it could be a good thing. I'm still frightened by it in some ways. This field is so much about trickery.

however, there are different levels of reform, in how much is changing. I would probably agree in some respects. I've seen arguments like some people need medication, but it's overprescribed be uses to justifie forced medication. However, I like in general that ideas are being put forth that suggests help outside of medication, and meantal health labels. While I'm not alway thrilled with the results, as I've seen how this reform can be used more to market, and the ideas are really quite the same, just look better on the surface. While I some people could argue there has to be a transition, we must not fall prey to being so caught up in the novelty we allow injustices to fall by the wayside. 

That being said, while I'm sceptical of the overall idea of reform, and a lot of the specifics, I still some ideas I like. Then again I'm just as vulnerable to falling for these novelty ideas that seem great on the surface as anyone else. However, I guess, we'll all just have to do our best to prevent these things from happening. I'd still be interested in at least considering anything. A big thing that I'm against about psychiatry is its lack of takingroblems seriously. If somebody brings that up in any context it's worth listening to. I'm ofcourse against force of any kind.

Force is a big one. If somebody asked me why I was antipsychiatry force would be one of my top reasons. This is a big thing that I don't particularly understand. People against force who still don't like the idea, of being totally against it. Now I'm not saying that I feel like they should be calling themselves antipsychiatry, but I feel like they should at least understand it. Forced treatment doesn't appear to be going anywhere, and if it did, then I'd reconsider. It's something that can't be ignored. 

Lastly, while it hasn't helped me. Given I had tics from a young age, and abused, including suffocated, if psychiatry hadn't helped but hadn't made things much better, I may reconsider. However I've seen how they operate a long time. This book that's both supposed to be taken as fact, but also written of as just for insurance, or services. It's been said that the disorders overlap anyway, and so do the treatments.Yet, they can be used not only as an excuse for force, but can ruin someone's reputation, and esteem. Yet, not having sufficient evidence can be written off as if it doesn't hold a lot of merit. There's just way to many convinant excuses, for the dameges. Not only is there a lack to except responsibly, but there is a lack of accountably place on them. For now at least I think Antipschiatry is the beset position to hold. Being against a system for hurting people, should be looked at as good thing, by a system that supposedly is designed to help, even if they don't agree with the over all stance.  A main reason though is how they mistreated me the way I did, and flat out ignored my past trauma.

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