Feb 27 16 1:35 PM

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Do you trust anybody? What does it mean to trust? I know I'm told I don't trust easily, and I don't know if I've ever trusted anybody. I was told I play a victim story. Why? Is it from constantly being misunderstood, hurt, or just screwed by people. I don't even see myself as a perpetual victim. I'm, just trying to avoid any potential danger from every angle. I've been told I'm a rescuer. Is is not typical to want to warn people of any potential danger. Sure, I've been called paranoid, by people in everyday life. Although, how? I don't see myself as that. According to a psychiatrist I'm naive, and over trusting. That's clearly absurd. Although it was someone who didn't know me, and was attempting to receive a guardian. Excuse why I didn't trust him. Rebellion against authority. Yea, pretty sure that's a joke. I'm not actually over regulus, or trusting. Although I think the word paranoid is thrown around too much, and can discredit legitimate, concerns. I trust myself. I know my motives, and know I try to do what's best. I, guess I know I'm not perfect, as far as what I know, my interpretations, and mortally, but form where I stand, it's all I can trust. I could be riddled with, self doubt, and insecureity, but at the end of the day I listen to me. Sure, I can respect, and have compassion for other. I actually don't generally have a problem with authority, as if given the chance I really am respectful. Even going into psychiatry, of course I didn't trust them, so would question. This got me labels things like interigator. Although, it's interesting that to them it's rebellion, but with other people it's too trusting. I, guess I'm not perfect, and like to be given the bennifit of the doubt. I don't know, but try to keep this in mind. I was physically assaulted, no matter what I tried, for things out of my control, or seemingly no reason, practically my whole life. I was attackined in every way. I was even suffocated by my mom, tell me how trusting you would be? What would you expect? It's not painting a victim story, I want to avoid any danger. Everywhere, I look it's all that's there? Could you say I'm wrong. I think, at least It could be considered a valid viewpoint, although cynical. Of, course though, for many reasons, I'm not going to act like it all the time. People should get bennifit of the doubt, and if someone is untrustworthy I don't want them to be specifically awaren I'm not in the habit of trusting. I don't concidder it naive, or rebellious, even though I've always been the same. This isn't about me, anyways. It's extenal measures of who deserves trust. I just don't believe in that unconditional understanding of some, and automatic distrust in others. Just that of holding some room for bennifit of the doubt, but always being skeptical, too what ever degree seems necessary.