Feb 28 16 3:16 AM

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Remember when Asperger Syndrome was being diagnosed, so much, that it was removed from the DSM. Well, during that time I was not only diagnosed, but officially undiagnosed. Yet, it was still the reason for me being diagnosed intellectually disabled. Yes, the the diagnosis for the stereotypically socially awkward, but intellectually gifted kid, was infact, a reason to be diagnosed, with an intellectual disability. For a lack of better explanation, because psychiatry. 

Apernerly, I've overcome my obsessive nature. My, thoughts have since become less rigid, and 
repetitive, but not really, but it's okay, because really my over focussed nature, is really quite helpful at times. Although it has improved in the way I interact with people, as I'm pretty sure is typical of anybody. That brings me to the unfortane part though, I apparently still struggle socially, but wait a minute. That was the reason my parents had questioned the diagnosis to begin with. The doctors had answered that with the old puzzle medaphore, which proably sounds familiar if you know about the autistic spectrum. This is another thing that just points out, the flexibility doctors have to really just say whatever about you. 

This is doctor in fact could make this bases on an old neoropsche. I was actually trying to avoid another one of these assessments as they've often left me just being more misunderstood, and really were never helpful to me. It turns out he didn't need one. There is so much I could say about this, but for this I just want to point out some quite bizarre aspects of it all. I'll go into how the actuall diagnosises, really were only an excuse to dismiss me, mistreat, and flat out attack me, in anyway my parents felt like.

I don't really think anybody deserves to be evaluated, in a way that they don't agree with. It shouldn't be forced. The doctor claims he had to, because I didn't agree to to get tested again. Well, sorry for assuming, that my old records, that only misrepresent me, would be rewrote in a way that misrepresents me in a whole new way. I didn't speak to him all that, much so I was falsely under the impression he couldn't just make stuff up, by writing what should only be described as fiction, regardless of what you think of the DSM, the testing process, or any form of evaluation in the mental health system. He didn't ask anybody, but instead just looked at the records, and began writing whatever would make me look incompetent. Just the same as he read them, and wanted to give me either, a mood stabilizer, or antidepressant the first time we met. 

Now, I've spent hours taking these tests, for what? However, I had a feeling, that Matt Bernstein would be particularly dangerous, to be assessed by. I had already had a doctor openly lie to get me court ordered antipsychotics, because I wouldn't go on a mood stabilizer. Matt had already threatened possible hospitalization, if I was unwilling to get assessed, and possibly medicated. At least that's what he said. Not, like it matters, but I had a feeling, it was more like probably. However, why all of this? It was, because I was irritable, which could mean mania? Why, would I expect a doctor to look more deeply at perfectly normal reaction to a lot of situations. Isn't it common sense to hear someone is irritable, and wonder what's causing it? I mean in their situation, not symptom of a disease. However if you're anybody, even a psychiatrist, does this sound like someone you want to present their interpretation to you to anyone, let alone before a court? Is this someone you want to have power over you're life? At the very least, he should be considered reckless, in the fact that he was thinking of hospitalizing me for a disorder, in the end wasn't even confident enough to consider. He was sure I had a mood disorder, but at the end of the say his diagnosis was ADD, and Intelectual Dissability.