Feb 20 16 8:00 AM

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I had debated weather, or not to have this website be strictly for Antipsychiatry, but there were many reasons I decided against it. I needed a place to be open to opposing views , so people could defend Antipschiatry, and show we are not hiding something. I also saw all the places that included Antipschiatry, or accepted it but it was in the backround. I wanted to reverse that, to try show people that it's not enough for it to just remain in the backround. I figured hopefully some of the people who consider themselves accepting, but mostly keep this in the backround, could try harder to hold a space for Antipsychiatry.

I hope they won't  just tolerate, or make modest changes, but to really listen, and try to make sure people know groups like this exist, and make sure everybody has the option to hold this belief. I'm also hoping they're more inclined to tell people the risks, and not just refrain from coercive/forced treatment, but actively try, and stop it, and actively protect people against it, even if that means going against colleagues, in anyway they can.  I hope they call out colleagues that practice this, work to change policies, or find a new job. I at least hope they somehow get the person in touch with someone.

Also if there is no annonamous tip line for people are in this situation, than there should be. That's the kind of thing I want to start happening. Make it easier for people in the mental health field to help, because the people who forced into this need all the help they can get. I'd like for people to stop being lied to aswell, but that may be even more complicated. However, I think there will be a huge change naturally ounce people aren't forced. They may have to stop using lies, and fear against us. Many may even become whistle blowers. 

I also wanted for people who took psyche medications, who experienced side effects, or who were unhappy about anything to be able to come here. I mean they're opinions aren't taken anymore seriously than the rest of ours, and many Antipsychiatry supporters know this all to well. It's also for people who are thinking about getting off medications, going on them. This gives them a place to talk, ask questions, or connect with people in a similar situations. There may not be another place, as they are worried about being sent to the hospital. Hopefully if they just need to talk they can, or get advice on something they can do if talking isn't enough. At least they can have access to options, and place to discuss it openly. Most of the forums just require to be open to the idea of Antipschiatry in general, but the fourums are sectioned to, promote discussion.  The exception being the more debate one, and people going on discussing problems with both psychiatry, but also concerns, and problems leaving. If people are very distressed, then it's important to try and be understanding, and helpful. I don't think anyone wants people feeling like turning to the mental health feild is the only option. The same is true for people considering entering the system. 

Hope people find it helpful, and want suggestions, but even more so just people to add content. Suggestions, or feedback for general format ofncourse welcome too.