Feb 20 16 11:59 AM

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Irlen syndrome is  a perceptual processing disorder that negatively impact many areas of life. Some symptoms are light sensitivity, and difficulty with, reading, writing, focussing, sitting still, copying notes, hand writing, depth perception. It can manifest in headaches, nausea, and fatigue, wrestlesnes. You may notIce these symptoms when reading, in frurecent or bright lights, or using a computer. Sometimes this can be mistaken for low motivation, or leave people with a diagnosis of learning problems, AD/HD, or mood disorder. This avoids getting to the root cause of the problem, and leads to ineffective treatment. Just an example of how psychiatry fails to search for root cause, and leads to in affective treatment. These often cost a lot of time, and/or money. This may also lead to frustration, and more problems, Irlen can save the people effected from all of that. 

My problem with Irlen Syndrome lead to problems with depth perception, and reading. It also lead to headaches, over sensitivity to stimulus, and problems with fluorescent lighting. Getting the filters helped with other areas in my life aswell, even that didn't manifest outwardly. I noticed it took less effort to focus, even though I've always been referred to as being very attentive. It also made me a lot  calmer, and stress melted away that I didn't even realize I had because it was always there. I had mainly compensated for the reading aswell, but reading with the filters took less effort. 

Just a quick summarie, here are some links. Before read this though. They say the syndrome some disorders in DSM, and you still might have both, but cinsidder the filters even if it bothers you. If you'rs getting other treatment, and not helped, or enough help this may be the answer. If you want to lower, any medication you take for the symptoms I listed, due to side effects, or whatever reason consider this.