Feb 22 16 3:07 AM

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Are these good? As I write I guess I'll figure more out. I basically just had a basic outline. I figure if more people write too, I'll be able to figure it out. If they seem excessive, or too rigid, let me know. Here's some reasons why I wrote them.

For now I'm not really posting any rules, and I'm not just posting all these said categories to try to dictate anything. They're guidelines for now, and haven't thought if anybody will like them, but I guess time will tell with, me writing, and getting feedback.

It's mainly for Antipschyiatry to not be a subtype, and be the main focus, but I want other stuff. I want the reverse of most forums where it's in the backround. I also want to put meantal health where that is, to try and create some kind of a balance. So there will still be some debate and questions in certain parts. I also want to create somewhere for people who are still getting out, and may not really be accepted by Pschiatry, or Antipschiatry. Perhaps there on the fence, or just not ready, or still I the process, and feel pressured by both sides. There also may be people who want to talk, but are often pressured to turn to Pschiatry, but not be pressured. This is also for people not satisfied, with it or without it, or just have certain conflicting opinions. The main theme really would be to not argue for Pschiatry accept, in places for debate. Of course the point is to given Antipschiatry a space, and it's always really front and center, bust there are other stuff in the backround. It's also for people who are trying to understand, or only agree with certain aspects, or for whatever reason don't want to identifie as that. Just want a space for specifically that where people don't have to, but the focus is still on the good stuff about this movement. There is also a space specifically where you only need an open mind, but can question certain aspects. Just trying optimize as much learning. Understanding, and acceptance as possible, where people can know they won't be pressured to join Pschiatry, or have a label thrown at them. Also want a space for people, to talk about problems, weather still wanting to stay, on the fence, or thinking of joining to not be pressured or judged. At the same time there is a place for anyone to debate for it or against for it no matter, where you fall in that. It's just in a designsted spot like Antipschiatry ussually is, to create discussion. It still won't be the overwhelming focus, and people know they can have plenty of places to talk without promotion of Pschiatry of any kind.